Lashalicious eyelash extension workshop is an intense and comprehensive hands on course designed to teach you both fundamentals and advanced precision lash application techniques.

This course is ideal for anyone looking to get into the business and Industry of Eyelash Extensions. 

Classic Course

Cost: $900 per person

Duration: 1 Full Day - 8 Hours

Private 1-on-1 
Eyelash Extension 
Training & Certification

(Professional Lash Extension Kit Included in Price)

Course Outline:

• Introduction to eyelash extensions
• Core skills, design and placement of extensions
• Safety, sanitation & hygiene
• Proper workstation setup
• Product knowledge

• Eyelash Growth and Cycles

• Different Types of Lashes

• Thicknesses, Curls, and Lengths

• Client consultation & preparation
• Eyelash extension initial application techniques
• Eyelash extension touch-ups
• Eyelash extension removal process
• Aftercare & Maintenance Instructions
• Tips & Troubleshooting
• Pricing for profit
• Marketing your new business
• Certificate of Completion

• Ongoing Support

This is an intensive 8 hour course designed to teach you everything from simple lash touchups and removals to applying full sets of lashes on a mannequin and live model.  

Upon satisfactory completion of the training course, students will receive a Certificate of Completion. 

Lash Extensions Kit Includes:

1 Professional Eyelash Extension Glue

• 1 Gel Remover

• 1 Primer

• 1 Sealant

• 4 Eyelash Extension Trays (mixed lengths)

• Tape

• Eye Pads

• Micro Swabs

• Mascara Wands

• Jade stone

• 2 Tweezers
• Air Blower

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